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Hello, pleased to meet you. My name is Sarah and I am the James part of James+Co. What do I do? … well,  it’s certainly not in the garden, but I do get my hands dirty in a manner of speaking. My skills are in the design  and development of websites, digital marketing and performance measurement and goals. Read more about us »


Ultimately, business and marketing requires a team of professionals working together to achieve a common goal. For this reason I work with a number of local professionals across branding, graphic design, copywriting and photography. Whilst we all have our own businesses, we collaborate to maximise the benefit to the client.

Web Design

Given that every business is unique, you would expect that every website should be too.  That is why our approach to each site begins with research and understanding. A great website knows its audience, respects their needs whilst keeping business goals firmly in mind.

Digital Marketing

Online marketing is intimately integrated, if you’ve been followed around the internet whilst browsing you will know exactly what we mean. Online organic search, paid campaigns and social media platforms require an integrated approach to maximise results and effectiveness.


This is the fun part of my job … tracking, measuring and using that data to produce meaningful reports allowing clients to see how their business is performing across all mediums. That data further assists them with planning and executing their business strategy and direction.

"Design is thinking made visual" SAUL BASS

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